Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who is Hmei7 ? Identity of Indonesian Top Defacer

Who is hmei7 ?
First you can access what sites has been defaced by hmei7 from google and 
He has defaced many (thousands) website including IBM, Microsoft, SIEMENS, AVG, and many more including many personal web. Hmei7 is very unethical hacker. But until now there is nobody publish his identity. Some friends of him (including me maybe hehehe) was know who really the person behind hmei7.

I will be show you facts all about hmei7
Anyway it is too easy identify this person, i think he maybe too young and too stupid, he dont know how to hide his identity completely. Remember this words man, if you a good hacker, everybody know you, but if you a great hacker, nobody know you (
Ok, first lets describe who really this man.
Actually he maybe a good web designer & programmer. He work as web designer for his own company in Malang City, East Java, Indonesia.

He have some email address below:

(How i know it? The mail address is connecting each other :-), trust me.)
His company name is, which deliver web programming & design for its client.
He always logged in into some forum, such (the largest forum in indonesia). He use petaniweb for username in this forum. He usually posting advertisement to selling his design as services. We also identify that he maybe put backdoor to his client web, so be carefull with it.

His background is Arts, Visual Communication Design from Malang State University. His tesis subject is Redesain corporate identity ben warg consulting

His Facebook:
His Real Facebook : (
His Twitter:  @HaloAdit
His Photos:

Other source if you read it carefull, you must be understand it:

Who am I?
I am a security engineer from pakistan, some my friends website was hacked by hmei7 a few month ago. For this case I  was helped by some friends (indonesian hacker) in indonesia to open the mask hmei7. Thanks to s**t, **g* and **0*n*X

If you need other proof, send request to , i will sent you some of logs his internet communication.