Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who is Hmei7 ? Identity of Indonesian Top Defacer

Who is hmei7 ?
First you can access what sites has been defaced by hmei7 from google and 
He has defaced many (thousands) website including IBM, Microsoft, SIEMENS, AVG, and many more including many personal web. Hmei7 is very unethical hacker. But until now there is nobody publish his identity. Some friends of him (including me maybe hehehe) was know who really the person behind hmei7.

I will be show you facts all about hmei7
Anyway it is too easy identify this person, i think he maybe too young and too stupid, he dont know how to hide his identity completely. Remember this words man, if you a good hacker, everybody know you, but if you a great hacker, nobody know you (
Ok, first lets describe who really this man.
Actually he maybe a good web designer & programmer. He work as web designer for his own company in Malang City, East Java, Indonesia.

He have some email address below:

(How i know it? The mail address is connecting each other :-), trust me.)
His company name is, which deliver web programming & design for its client.
He always logged in into some forum, such (the largest forum in indonesia). He use petaniweb for username in this forum. He usually posting advertisement to selling his design as services. We also identify that he maybe put backdoor to his client web, so be carefull with it.

His background is Arts, Visual Communication Design from Malang State University. His tesis subject is Redesain corporate identity ben warg consulting

His Facebook:
His Real Facebook : (
His Twitter:  @HaloAdit
His Photos:

Other source if you read it carefull, you must be understand it:

Who am I?
I am a security engineer from pakistan, some my friends website was hacked by hmei7 a few month ago. For this case I  was helped by some friends (indonesian hacker) in indonesia to open the mask hmei7. Thanks to s**t, **g* and **0*n*X

If you need other proof, send request to , i will sent you some of logs his internet communication.


  1. Our police look for him, thanks for the information. We'll check validity of this information.

  2. I am writing here to respond to blog saying that I was Hmei7.

    My name is Aditya Pratama Mikael, a father, as well as ordinary employees in an ISP company in Malang, as the design in general, and web design in particular.
    I have a side business is freelance business, PetaniWeb, as a web designer. Http:// is my Web

    The begining why i associated with Hmei7 is a blog created by who knows who makes it, it says his name is Ardiansyah Putra XXX.

    That was the beginning of me associated with Hmei7.
    From the blog that I know the reason why I linked to Hmei7, many chat YM to id petani_nyengar_nyengir asking for it, and I always answer "I'm not Hmei7".

    It is true that email written and there is my email. But there is something wrong, the blog author wrote that email around since 2001, and 2004.
    He told, he have chat with my account since 2001.
    Let's prove together, yahoo must have data on the time of the email be made. I created the email was in 2007. Not 2001 or 2004.
    So can I be sure that the blog content is written by the Ardiansyah is fiction.

    Somehow it's Ardiansyah link me with Hmei7.
    I do like the name of "Petani" since 2007. "Petani/Farmer" was a low profile, but full services. Web development business until I was I gave the name "Petaniweb". first, and now

  3. Then, last night there is a YM id cyberhack** me to ask for ID the same thing again about whether I'm a Hmei7? This id Petaniweb incidentally online because I was always use Blackberry. And again I answer "I'm not Hmei7".
    From Cyberhack**, I got the link a second blog is written by security engineer from Pakistan.

    Because the blog was obviously plastered my photo taken from My Facebook, then I need to make the statement that "I'm not Hmei7", "PetaniWeb is not Hmei7".
    Blog is written there are two facebook accounts. My facebook account, and the other one ( not my account.

    The existence of both the blog was really unfair to me and could ruin my reputation.

    I mentioned the reality:
    1. I am an office employee who had a normal life. I worked for 8 hours, after that I got home activities like the common man. I have friends who can prove it's my life.
    (Please be proven)

    2. I'm not always in front of a computer connected to the Internet. In my house there is no internet connection, I also do not frequent the internet-cafe, let alone just to hack a web.
    (Please be proven)

    3. I am a web designer, not a hacker web. PetaniWeb name should not be confused with that of a pirate Web, Hmei7.
    This is just my assumption, they may associate with the word petani/farmer (one of his jobs is plowed/membajak) and the word Web, but it's not that.

    4. I never shut about personal data such as Web, IM, Address, or phone number. I even social media like FB and Twitter, to the client and open my colleagues about it.
    I was never afraid to give my real identity to those in need, because there is no need to be covered up and hide from me.

    Have a look at my website, there's my address on it. In some there is also a threat at Kaskus my phone number.
    I have friends in life in the real world and cyberspace (social media and online forum) which are reasonable.
    (Please be proven)

    5. There are also my friends work together provoked by this news, and he wanted to prove. I invite. How, I ask him to follow my daily activities for 3 days, almost 4 days. From there, obviously I do not do hacking activities.
    But after having viewed the zone, Hmei7's portfolio grew in the day when my friend and I were doing routine work together.
    Well personally he himself has proven that I was not Hmei7.

    If you still have something to prove, I let them, please. I'm not afraid because I did not Hmei7 which conducting a web hacking.
    Please stalking or whatever it is if you want to prove.

    If you want to satisfy your desires, it is better not to be coordinated with me first, so that 100% original, without the theatrics.

    Until now I am also still curious about the original Hmei7, which according to some sources that I read his YM ID is n1cedre4m. and n1cedre4m is not my YM ID.

    That is my statement. May it would be well received. And if necessary, I will be willing mamberi additional information.


    Aditya Pratama Mikael.

    1. Aditya, by the above actions you do and by your statement, you have just admitted & recognized that you are the real Hmei7.
      You maybe can argue and deny our post above, but we got some supported statement from yahoo admin (our authorities pay yahoo for this). We also can publish to the blog reader other proof & evidence that you the real Hmei7.
      I will publish below, a little sample we got to prove that you involve unethical hacking activities. Many of your friends (the indonesian lamers/defacers) maybe respect or send tribute to you as Petaniweb (your fake company) & Hmei7.
      For Example look at this:
      You see in greetz ( your nick Petaniweb and Hmei7 in there, this blog reader not stupid to understand what its mean)
      The second, you just forget also own this address mail : :) . You also have secondary mail for this account.
      The third, you maybe have deactivated your address mail, but our authorities will activated and recovery your mail soon.
      The fourth, in forum, you say that other "Hmei7" will not stop defacing web even you are monitored. I just say, many of your follower (the lamers/kiddies/unethical friends like you) can do defacing and put your nickname. So it will not prove anything.
      The fifth, we collecting some your VB hacking tools, and do some forensic, there are many artifact that you leaved.
      The sixth, you & all your unethical hacking friends identities will be published soon in other web (they confirm that will publish in ) by our colleague in Indonesia. You can sent this warning for them.
      The last, we will delete this blog (and posts) if you acknowledging & sending statement by email that you are the real Hmei7 and will not do any hacking activity anymore. But remember we'll still watching you.